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Learn and Trade Like a Pro in 5 Steps: How I Mastered Stock Market Trading

Why I fell in love with the stock market at first sight.

I was around 18 when the wavering and flickering colors of red, and green lights and the adrenaline in the room made me fall in love with markets for the first time.

My passion and persistence towards making it huge in life were well-suited with trading and I stepped into a haven of opportunities.

Why I stopped trading with indicators And patterns:

Indicators are second-hand data. Firstly, there are so many indicators in the market. As per my research, Indicators, and patterns are just well-marketed products that educators sell. They are of no use if you are serious about trading as a business and you want to scale it to a 10X level. Indicators confuse you. They mislead you. By the time you get a clear signal from all the indicators, the price goes so up that you don’t have the guts left to buy. You miss out on a golden opportunity.

Candlesticks patterns are reversal patterns:

All candlestick patterns are reversal patterns. Buy when the stock price is in a downtrend and short sell when the stock price is in an uptrend, is the thumb rule of the entire world while trading but not me and my students. Candlesticks patterns make you trade against the market trend. Why would anyone want to buy a stock which is in a downtrend and weak? You must always buy rising stocks because you want the price to move up. Relying on candlestick patterns would surely not help you make the kind of profit you want from the stock market.

Graphs are subjective:

Trading is based on logic and numbers. The only thing you must follow is objectivity. Graphs are highly subjective. Each graph gives you a different outcome. If there is no consistency in the graphs, there won’t be any consistency in your income. I advise my students simple 6-step objective systems are ready to trade, and all their moves are defined.

Day trading:

Day traders claim that they make profits in just 5 or 10 minutes but that’s only half the truth. The disturbing reality is that they sit with their eyes glued to the screen the entire day only to end up making peanut-sized profits. The stress, the dryness of the eyes, and the astonishing waste of time which is not worth it.!

What looks like an exciting, high-adrenaline life is in fact a painful and unhealthy way to live. There is no logic in living a life full of instability. It is wise to question why a person would want to be stuck staring at a screen all day when they can just trade in 15 minutes per day and build wealth peacefully.

Watch my viral youtube video for more insights ➡️Day Trading

Trade in just 15 minutes a day:

This may sound too good to be true, but this is 100% logical. These systems are ready-to-trade. Entry, exit, stop loss, quantity, and where to book profit and loss are pre-defined in my systems. If everything is already defined, it shouldn’t take anyone more than 10-15 minutes to trade.

My simple 6-steps objective system:

As I had always been passionate about Trading, I rose gradually in this traditionally male-dominated industry, the Stock Market.

My strategies are in an easy-to-understand, student-friendly, & rules-based format. They are so simple that even a 7th-standard child can understand the concept. With my experience of 17+ years, I developed my proprietary system which is 100% objective and logic-based and it helps you trade the markets in just 15 minutes a day, without using any indicators, patterns, graphs, or Greeks.

My system known as “Price Action Trading” has helped lacs of students in becoming full-time traders and transform their financial stature.

With determination and passion not just for trading but also teaching people the right way to trade, I was able to reach passionate traders globally. My major and only motive is to spread the proper education and help people trade with minimum risk and maximum profits. My mission is to Make India Trade, which reflects in my carefully-curated educational programs.

In my Trading journey, I have come across a lot of myths, one such myth being that the trading is nothing but gambling. Truth is, it is the best business model in the whole world. It is very important to learn before starting your journey into the market so that you don’t make inevitable mistakes.

If you would ask me for one trading advice, Day trading is injurious to your wealth.

Day trading kills your precious time and money. Instead, follow These 5 Golden Rules to Becoming a Successful Trader:

  • Just 15 minutes to Trade in a day.

  • Do not predict the market. Start following market trends!

  • Say NO to Day Trading

  • Say NO to indicators, patterns, graphs, and Greeks.

  • Say YES to Price.

In conclusion, I would say that Trading is a highly cashable skill. From beginners to experts, everyone can trade. With systems that are pre-defined, one can trade in just 15 mins a day. It is time to let go of all those fears and jump into the new paths of Stock market Trading.

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