Cynthia D'Silva


The best online course.. ASMITA MA'AM YOU ROCK..Every matter in class was taken care, from theory to practical.. questions and other doubts well explained, in infinite manner... Asmita Ma'am you are great... Over all looking forward to make you proud of myself for the hardwork you put in me... Over all
the entertainment was amazing too. dreams comes in reality...
Love you ma'am and all the team.. All the best to all your

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Don't know where to start from. Asmita Ma'am is not just a Queen of Options , but more than that she is a Queen at heart <3. Since day1thatijoined the OM course , till the last day , she left no question / query unanswered .At times it becomes irritating for a teacher to keep on answering the same things again and again , but hats off to this lady, she always had a smile on her face and made sure our energy is always on the Upper circuit :) Coming to the course details , i have never ever come across any such kind of a strategy wherein you can be at peace at the same time when your trading in the market. She has put in a lot of efforts to design this strategy and the amount of confidence she has with it ,I'm also confident that ill definitely succeed in achieving what i want to . I would give my 100% recommendation to all those reading my message to go ahead with Asmita Maam. She is an optimist and always has an answer as a 'YES' YOU have nothing to LOSE HERE!GOD BLESS YOU MAAM. THANK YOU & LOVE YOU!!

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Sunita Pohani


Thank you so much Asmita madam .A Your name was just referred byafriend in Whatsapp group refering to your interview to Economic Times I started watching your videos .and joined your workshop ...You were simple,logical and convincing MUST SAY YOU HAVE GIVEN DIRECTIOM YO MY LIFE ...WAS WONDERING WHAT TO DO AFTER RETIREMENT .. NOWIHAVE PUTPOSE AND GOAL .. THANK YOU FOR SPREADING LOVE AND HAPPUNESS TO WORLD ...BE BLESSED ALWAYS AND joined LMWT and now OPTION MULTIPLIERS ..I BLESS OTHERS

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Anwar Shaikpalur


First and foremost I would like to thank Asmita mam for simplifying the trading system by shedding all the indicators which happen to be lagging in nature. The system taught was simple, disciplined, and takes very little time to calculate and place orders including targets and stop losses. One can trade without stress and can have time to do other things in life . I would like to follow the system and as a continuous learner would like to do other programs of Asmita mam in the future. Once again thanks for everything mam.

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Kumar Abhijeet


We received more than what we were promised. My every query got sorted out. The Team is very much supportive. If someone doesn't want to get tangled with patterns and indicators shall be nowhere but here. Every system has its own accuracy. This has got its own-its just that its simple enough to be understood by class 8 kid.
Rest is "Bhav Bhagvaan che."