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Starts 22nd March 2023


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Trade in Just 15 mins a day

Generate Consistent Income 

3 Months Duration
15 Live Sessions

Recorded Video + 
Live Sesssions

English + Hindi Mix
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An Overview

Students Enrolled

Asmita Patel's proprietary strategies have changed the way trading is defined. These simple, time-efficient, and result-oriented systems have given financial freedom to students worldwide. Each curriculum stresses the importance of a disciplined, consistent methodology with stringent risk controls, that allow you to catch big trends while limiting losses on unprofitable trades. Strategies where your entry, exit, stop loss, everything is defined so that you don’t need to spend more than 15 minutes to trade the markets. These price-based strategies are 100% objective and perfectly structured using simple mathematical logic to make trading simple and empower individuals to generate and manage their own portfolios. The beauty of this Price Action trading system is that, no matter what your financial background is, whether you are a working professional, homemaker, teacher or a doctor, you can trade the markets profitably. 

What is LMIT-?

Through this 3-month intensive learning program, you will learn to trade the most powerful segments of the stock market. Mentors at Asmita Patel Global School of Trading will take you through the basics and take you to the professional level of trading independently. During the course of this program, you will be taught theories as well as how to practically apply them in your trading journey. 

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Options Selling Trading Strategies
Advance Level 

Future Trading Strategies
Advance Level

  • Banknifty Future Trading Strategy

  • Nifty Future Trading Strategy

  • Stock Future Trading Strategy

Options Selling Trading Strategies
Advance Level 

  • Banknifty & Nifty Options Selling Strategy for Weekly Expiry 

  • Stock Options Selling

Stock Options Buying 
Advance Level 

  • Stock Options Buying

  • Advance Strategies To Trade Buying Of Options For Call & Put

Forex Market Trading Stategies
Advance Level

  • Forex Market Insights

  • Currency Future

  • Currency Options Selling

Equity Market Trading Stategies
Advance Level

  • Multi-bagger Stock  - Long Term Investment Strategy

  • Portfolio Building & Wealth Creation Strategy

Risk Management
Advance Level

  • Learn The Best Risk Management Formula

  • Learn To Take Calculated Risk

Gap Up & Gap Down
Advance Level

  • Remove The Fear of Gaps While Trading

  • Learn The Systematic Pre Define Process For Gap Up And Gap Down

Advance Level

  • Automation Of All Strategies

  • Automation of Trade Execution

  • Automation of Order Punching

  • Automation of Price Tracking

Psychology & Mindset
Advance Level

  • Trading Discipline

  • Trading Psychology

  • Right Mindset

Educational Resources
Advanced Level

  • Student Learning Web Portal

  • Access to Video Sessions Library

  • Session Notes & Rules Sheet

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Know Your Mentor

Asmita Patel is a world renowned Trading Coach, Trader and a Trend Follower.

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Asmita Patel

The She - Wolf of Stock Market

A National Award Winner and Asia's #1 Trader

Ms. Asmita Patel has devoted 16+ Years of her trading career to build a completely mechanical process. Asmita Patel is the Mentor behind many successful traders in the market. She has helped create many transformational journeys. Her MISSION is to make India trade & spread stock market education to every individual, breaking myths & making a living out of it! It is her mission to provide tools and strategies that you will need to transcend beyond your fears and limiting beliefs about the stock market. She has brought this incredible trading system to you!

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Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Trading


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Trend Following Approach Towards The Market


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Inspiring Stories of Some Successful Trend Followers