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Index Future & Options

Index Future & Options

Education Model

Economical change and new trading techniques like indicators are disrupting the actual way of profitable trading. Traditional education never prepared you for this. We teach you how to thrive in this new trading world -- with education that really matters for 2021 and beyond. But we don’t just stop with great education - we use new and everlasting techniques to create a powerful trading for you, connecting you with the right logic, connections and transformation to build your best financial life.


Index Options Makes Your Financial Life

Better and Better Every Day,
in Every Way

Manifesting Dreams
Live Trading
Thinking Bolder
Trading Process
Self Awareness
Trading System
Entrepreneurial Success
Enhanced Intuition
Mathematical Trading
Trading Better
Banknifty Buying
Nifty Buying
Developing Better Plan
Resilience to Stress
Nifty Selling
Deeper Knowledge
Banknifty Selling
Improving Compassion
Stock Selection
Increasing Mobility
Deeper Understanding
Clarity on Trading Vision
Roller Over
Increased Energy
Improved Financial Life
Dealing With Gap Up
Risk Management
Overcoming Fears & Anxiety
Emotional Balance
Better Habits
Making a Bigger Impact
Getting Financially Fit
Dealing With Gap Down
Gaining Muscle & Strength
Mindset Exercise
Achieve More
Finding Your Passion
Money Management
Resilience to Overwhelm
Conflict Management
Trading Psychology

And more areas of transformation.

Why Index Future & Options

1. Change your trading style with

The #1 Options Trend Following Strategy

The strategies taught are 100% market proven and are currently being traded with over 100CRs of fund. In the last few months, the strategy has shown more than 74% Return On Investment. Join 10,000+ learner & trader to transform your trading future.

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2. Live Training & Trading

Trade Live With Asmita Patel

7 Days session where you will be training and trading live. 2 full training and 5 days trading live with Asmita Patel (Monday To Friday) . Session special crafted to make your learning more efficient and effective.

3. Become A Professional Trader By

Spending Just 15mins A Day

No matter what your current profession is, To become a professional trader and generate consistent weekly or monthly income all you need to spend is 15mins per day to execute your orders. Let your trading being

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Index Future & Options

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